Can we pre-identify customer buying intent?

The name ViralHeat came up again in a conversation yesterday and I revisited their site to see how they are presenting their service offering. If you seen their pitch before, they claim to be able to monitor the key social media mechanisms and provide real time analytics to enable marketers fine tune their sales strategies and even potentially pre-identify customers. This might be an interesting combination of offerings to consider when we look at Twitter and their API.

O’Reilly’s Blogger Programme

O'Reilly Blogger Review ProgrammeThanks for all your very thoughtful participation in last night’s inaugural lecture. I really appreciated you taking the time to give me an idea of your expectations. You are all living up to the high praise with which you have been feted. I look forward to us having an very productive and useful course module.

I mentioned last night that O’Reilly has a blogger review programme that provides you with copies of their ebooks in exchange for providing unbiased and honest reviews. If you would like to participate, you can find more information at their blogger review website. I think this this programme is useful not just because it gives you access to selected titles, but also helps you to hone your writing skills and appreciate things more critically. In fact, this programme in itself is a good example of a social computing initiative and another one we can reflect on during our 12 week journey.

Have a good week. We’ll see you all next Tuesday.