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    Maud O Connor

    So one year ends and another begins with lots of chatter about the impending demise of Facebook.Is this, like Mark Twain cabled, a death that is “greatly exaggerated” or is this an inevitable and natural move onto the downward trajectory of the popularity curve?

    Because of this course, I’ve been reading these sort of headlines with a bit more interest now; also as someone who sat a bit sneerily outside the Facebook set, I admit to a bit of ‘told you so’…
    Of course Facebook is the one social media tool that manages to just about embrace a little bit of all functionality doesn’t it? And maybe that’s the problem? if you want to photo-share, Flickr and Instagram are much better at it..if you want to quickly message someone Whatsapp and Snapchat (hacking aside!) are gaining in popularity..
    so – whats left? Location checkin services are being embraced by so many other media tools. Linkedin is a better tool for professional group sharing.
    Medium to large businesses are not seeing the revenue generation figures they expected, though this Forbes article (http://www.forbes.com/sites/quickerbettertech/2013/08/19/why-facebook-is-in-decline/) does say that it is a vital resource for small businesses who have constructed a low-cost eCommerce business model centred around Facebook.
    THe kids are apparently leaving in droves because a lot of people born before 1995 have the cheek to have Facebook accounts! – http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/nov/10/teenagers-messenger-apps-facebook-exodus
    Maybe Facebook gets one back on the ungrateful pups seeing as it owns Instagram 🙂

    The following article makes some interesting points, not least that Facebook has been tainted by its IPO.

    What do you think? Going to assert your cool and abandon FaceBook?



    Hi Maud,
    Unfortunately not being a Facebook user myself, I cannot answer your final question …As an outsider however I find the whole Facebook topic really fascinating…hence the title of your post intrigued me straight away…
    Looking at how fast the online social landscape is evolving the demise of Facebook seems to me “the inevitable and natural move onto the downward trajectory of the popularity curve”…
    If young people are escaping FB in search of new and more exciting alternatives I think the older users will eventually leave it as their awareness of more adequate tools will grow. What I mean is that for the majority of “mature” users Facebook has been their initiation to the social media world. As they become more familiar with all the features that Facebook encompasses they also become more aware of the features they prefer to use and of those tools that (as you mentioned) are just better than Facebook to do the job i.e. Whatsapp for private chats, Instagram to share images, Twitter to tailor the information you want to access etc.
    Whatever the outcome, it will be interesting to watch…



    I have previously said that I think Facebook is safe and I am going to stand by that. We as people will always try new things, but we do fall back on what’s comfortable.
    Facebook will grow, it will add new tools to its site and were possible it will buy the opposition and incorporate that into Facebook. It did not succeed with Snap chat but I would think they will try again. From one of the tweets a graph showing an increase in Facebook users from 2012-2013
    I am partly hoping they succeed as I don’t wish to have to create new accounts on another social network where ½ the people you are “friends” with are not there. This though could be the polite way of culling your Facebook “friends” and starting afresh on a new site


    Cathriona Dempsey

    Sorry to burst your bubble Maud, but I think Facebook is here to stay. It has around 1.19 billion users so I can’t see a mass exodus happening any time soon.
    Don’t get me wrong I’m not a big fan, I do have a page but it’s purely to keep in touch with some friends that only communicate within the Facebook sphere. I don’t understand users who want to share every waking moment with people they haven’t seen since they left school and can you really call 500+ people your friends. Those individuals need to get out more then they wouldn’t have time to broadcast their every movement to the world.
    On the plus side it is handy to log on and in a matter of minutes you are up to date with everything that is going on in your ‘friends’ lives whether they’ve got engaged, gone on holiday or started a new job it will all be there.
    At the moment it will do me because like Kevin I couldn’t be bothered joining another social network site. I have far too many usernames and passwords’ floating around in my head as it is.



    I have to say I agree with Cathriona and Kevin on this. Although I do think Facebook will come under threat from new social media options, I feel at this stage anyone who has been using Facebook is likely to stay.

    I don’t know if there are any stats relating to the amount of users who stop using Facebook if they have been a user for a period of maybe more to 6-12 months; but I wouldn’t imagine it being that high.

    If you have spent any amount of time building up a group of friends the hassle of then recreating this community on another social media tool just doesn’t seem to make sense to me plus not everyone on Facebook is likely to migrate over.

    Finally I will kind of contradict the point I have just made. As a Bebo user and non Facebook user about 10 years ago (hangs head in shame, plus I was only 17 and didn’t know what I was doing), I did what I have just said is unlikely and move from one to the other.

    The difference being I think Bebo only targeted a young market and there was no real room for expansion which meant you weren’t connecting to the full community of people you currently interact with on Facebook. Targeting a young market, which you have pointed out, is likely to try new options and be attracted by other tools that become available ultimately led to Bebo’s downfall.

    Facebook also offers so much more than Bebo ever did which makes me think it will not happen. It appeals to such a wide amount of people on different levels so although I think they might lose a small portion of their users over a longer period of time; I think Facebook is definitely here to stay.


    Cathriona Dempsey

    Thomas, I had a Bebo page as well but it never really stepped up to global status.Then Facebook appeared which was a global networking site and that was the final nail in the Bebo coffin. I do think the Facebook needs to raise their game and not become complacent. It hasn’t really evolved since its creation, I know they introduced the timeline ‘thing’ a while back but not much else has changed. Lets face it if another craze comes along we probably won’t be able to stop ourselves signing up to it.



    I’d love to get away from the Facebook thing. How many hours of anti social behaviour are spent by families every week? Couples come home from work, sit on couches and log into Facebook for hours, for fear they might miss something. I unfriended someone last year who has an obsession with everything dog. Maybe there was some technical way to not show their updates on my page but I pulled the plug. I met her in Centra about two months later , ‘Oh David I haven’t heard from you in ages, are you still on Facebook?’ , in other words, why did you cut me off? I should have just told her I don’t like dogs but then that would have come across all wrong.
    That’s one of the biggest reasons for me not logging into Facebook everyday. Also twitter updates a lot quicker and I couldn’t be bothered waiting for Facebook to open. I think I’m going to do a cull on my friends on Facebook and see what kind of reaction I get. That’ll be the social experiment of 2014 for me. I’ll start with the people who share their Star sign information followed by the people who send chainmail links, followed by people who want me to play games on it.
    Anyway, that rant is over. I hope something better comes along or that Facebook gets such a bad reputation that people start to switch en masse.

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