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Week 2 – Collaboration

I hope that you have all had a chance to consider a choose an appropriate article from the bibliography. I note that we have about 22 choices so far. Great. If you haven’t please do so and as I said not constrained by the list included, if you would like to do one in another area – perhaps that you have found in locating your own article through TCD’s Stella – please just let me know.
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Week 1 – Introduction

beginningI hope that you have found the first face-to-face meeting congenial and hopefully has excited you about the content that we will explore together. As we are studying Social Computing it certainly seems only natural that we employ the tools and processes that we are studying as a part of our own practice. So … from today we will only occasionally be meeting in person but instead will interact through a variety of online means to reflect on how these change the way in which we interact and how they can be effectively employed to share knowledge. We are going to learn and see by doing. Your participation is crucial and I hope that what you do here will benefit your performance not only in your other modules but in your work life and next year’s major project.
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