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Elaborating on the Group WIki Assignment

I have been following the progress on the wiki as the collaborations have developed.
I was asked, quite rightly, to clarify further what direction I am hoping to see the assignment take.
Here is a little more discussion on each of the main sections:

    1. Executive Summary;

This part is as I expect fairly self-evident. What I am looking to see is only a couple sentences at most that summarise the 6 subsequent sections. Identify what you are discussing, who might be involved in the space and where you see it going. Save the discussion surrounding the reflection for that section alone.

    1. Definition of the Issue/Topic and Associated Terms;

Why is the space/sector/service important to discuss? What’s going on in this world. What direction is it going?

    1. Main streams of thought in the area Companies or Technologies Active in the Area and an exploration of their product/service

When I refer to main streams of thought this is a reflection on the shape of the space in general. IS it growing, are there new entrants? Are old entrants fading away or loosing marketshare? Are new technologies changing the landscape in this area? Is there an emerging controversy? Are we learning more about the impact of this area on society more broadly that is shaping the future?

    1. The competitive landscape

What companies/service providers are most active in this space? Why are they successful/dominant? What could change this and are there signs that you might identify (technological/social/political) that could change the existing order?

    1. How this Issue/Topic ties into module discussion topics;

Are there issues that have arisen in the forum discussions, the responses to blog postings or on twitter that are relevant to this discussion?

    1. Individual issues as provided for each topic.

If there are issues raised in the particular topic discussion on this blog that I ask – please address them, otherwise feel free to be creative here – creative confidence 😉

    1. A reflection on the experience of working on a document collaboratively.

Finally, I would like you to think about the challenges, strengths, advantages, disadvantages of working on an organic document in a wiki as a group.

Week 5 – Exploring Innovation in an Open World

This week we will look at the concept of open innovation. How does it differ from traditional innovation and what examples can we explore to appreciate its dynamics? Is it related to Open Source and Free Software as we have been discussing over the past weeks? Is it feasible and can we measure its impact?

Please take a look at the following video presentations.

Don Tapscott – 4 Principles for the Open World (2012)

donTapWe met Don a few weeks back and although we’ll meet a couple others shortly, let’s let Don to share a few more thoughts on Open Innovation – in a really down to earth way. Note the whole open theme forming.

The second presentation comes from Eric von Hippel. This is an intriguing and a little more academic discussion exploring the economics of innovation. Please take a watch of:


Eric von Hippel – Paradigm Shifts in Innovation (2009)

Eric von Hippel is an economist and a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, specializing in the nature and economics of distributed and open innovation. He is best known for his work developing the concept of user innovation – that end-users, rather than manufacturers, are responsible for a large amount of innovation. In order to describe this phenomenon, he introduced the term lead user in 1986. von Hippel’s work has applications in business strategy and free/open source software (FOSS) and von Hippel is one of the most highly cited social scientists writing on FOSS.

Finally meet Charles Leadbetter – The Era of Open Innovation (2008)

Charles Leadbeater’s theories on innovation have compelled some of the world’s largest organizations to rethink their strategies. A financial journalist turned innovation consultant (for clients ranging from the British government to Microsoft), Leadbeater noticed the rise of “pro-ams” — passionate amateurs who act like professionals, making breakthrough discoveries in many fields, from software to astronomy to kite-surfing.

There is no reading this week. It’s just watching. There is an intriguing piece but I am leaving it entirely as a ‘bonus’ piece. I like the concept of Open Innovation and am happy to explore it further, but the above videos will give you a very good scope and scan of the parameters.

Here’s the bonus in case you wish to pursue:

Question for forum discussion

Open Innovation holds great promise (feel free to agree or disagree) and you’ll see much discussion about Open Innovation 2.0 and even 3.0. Our own Martin Curley, Director of Intel Europe is an OI champion and is pushing the concept of OI 2.0 to more broadly involve a wider number of stakeholder groups to create an innovation ecosystem.  Exploring the concept of open innovation and the Dublin Declaration as defined ( is this a purely aspirational initiative or can we measure the success of open innovation in its 2.0 conceptualisation?

Reflections on First Week or So

I am very glad to see the high level of activity in the forums. My apologies for all the hurdles that we are jumping through to carry out registration and getting into the forums. I personally find forum software somewhat difficult and less than intuitive both on the participation side, but also on the admin side. I had explored going externally (rather than sticking with bbpress or another forum tool within wordpress) but decided to give bbpress one more kick. It is ok – and I hope you are not finding it too challenging.
The hope was for something that supported free and open discussion. Do you find it does this?
On other matter, you may not I tweaked the overall structure of the site a bit – first and foremost bringing the blog back to the front. I wanted to make sure that messages and interaction are less buried in the site. The forum position is buried enough. I am wrestling with the challenge of not showing up once a week and delivering a face to face engagement – which I am used to as well. It’s peculiar. But it’s all part of the experiment. I hope that I didn’t move things that you were looking for. I put all assignment and expectation material to the top of the right hand column above the log in area for the forum. I also simplified the menu in hope of less distraction. Feel free to feed back on this. Thoughts are always welcome on how this is going.

I added a new page on the mid-level technicalities of this site to discuss what I am using to serve this all up: Site Marginalia