Happy New Year and Thanks

Happy New Year to you all and thanks very much for submitting the final assignment:  the critical reflection on the course itself. I thought it was particularly appropriate given the nature of the delivery and as it was so evidently germane to our larger discussion that this reflection formed part of your evaluation – as well as mine!

I really appreciate the tremendous thoughtfulness of the pieces that were submitted right across the board. That you were all able to balance the pros with the cons and to share both directly and without bandying about is very much appreciated.  I have been working through them with tremendous relish as it really forms the first (and really only) opportunity for me to get feedback directly on how things were perceived – and received by you all. Trust me when I share that this has been as much a learning experience for me as well – and I thank you all for that.

I will be returning to with judgements on the last three components of your module mark shortly and sincerely wish that we had been in a position to carry out both face-to-face traditional seminars as well.  There has been some tremendously engaging discussion online that I can only imagine  would have been equally powerful in the physical hall. Best of luck in the current modules and back to you soon.

Thanks again,