Solo Journal Review Assignments

Apologies for not having your solo journal review assignment grades to you earlier.
They have all now been graded and you will receive your personal mark directly.

The reviews were generally well done and I thank you all for your thoughtful consideration of the articles themselves. As with any academic journal review (and I appreciate that this may have been a first time to complete such a task) is to be circumspect in your consideration of the material presented and to question the author(s) conclusions, choices of methodologies and to also ask so what? as you attempt to place it within the larger research ecosystem surrounding the area explored.

In terms of general remarks, one of the largest differentiators in the submissions (and they are all there for you to appreciate) was the adherence to the overall structure and ensure that there was a balance between the sections noted for the structure and to avoid simply summarising the article and allowing this to take up the bulk of your 750 words. This was the largest challenge in the assignment and 750 words was (as you all discovered) a meagre space to try and fill. The importance of contributing your own thoughts and not simply reiterating the author’s findings and opinions was key – as there was 25% of your mark reserved for this in the conclusion and also partially in the thoughtfulness component. So it was crucial to balance between the 5 sections requested.

The reviews ranged widely in this respect and this led to the span of grades. Asking questions of the work presented and also attempting to tie to the broader themes discussed in the forums, blogs and on the twitter feed was also a factor used to differentiate your work.

I was lenient towards format adopted, as well as use of point form at times to express findings. I was also less strict on grammar and spelling as well but would expect in printed form for submissions to be well proofread.

Although there was a challenge in some for trying to situate the material presented within discussions that may have taken place online or in your other modules, the attempts to do so were appreciated and generally well done when attempted.

The five sections requested were:

  1. Your précis of author’s argument;
  2. An explanation of the issue being addressed / The question being asked / The larger area of investigation;
  3. Situation of this article into the research ecosystem – i.e. referenced and related articles and arguments;
  4. Your appreciation of how well the author achieves his/her objectives;
  5. Questions that remain in your mind after reading and considering the article.

As discussed perfect balance and division of words/discussion between these areas was not expected not always germane to the particular article, some attempt at each was expected and not providing some attempt towards each reduced marks awarded for the adherence to structure.

Marks were awarded according to the scheme:

25%: Academic / Professionalism
25%: Depth of Thought / Consideration of How it is Related to Larger Module Issues in the blogs and forums
25%: Thoughtfulness of Conclusions
25%: Adherence to Structure

Missing sections ate away at marks awarded in the last area. Additionally conclusions were tied into how much of your own thought was evident and this was difficult within a summary of what the authors’ themselves discussed so if there was too much summary of the article this tended to reduce marks awarded in the middle two areas.

If you presented a well worded, smooth review you scored well in the first section but needed to demonstrate your own contributions to do well in the next two.

The grading is accomplished with the following in mind:

1 70% + Excellent performance – all areas addressed as requested and delivery is beyond expectations and worthy of note in all areas.

2:1 60-70%: Very Good performance – meets all the criteria expected and delivers beyond requested in one or more areas.

2:2 50-60%: Good performance – meets all the criteria as requested.

If you have any further questions regarding your individual evaluation when you receive your own grade please do be in touch.

All the best for the holiday season and thank you for all your thoughtful participation across all media and in this rather new online experience,