Thank you all for your submissions to the forum for the journal article review.

A reminder and my apologies as there will *NOT* be a physical class/lecture on 12 November 2013.

I hope that you found the journal review experience useful and possibly even enlightening. I know from some of the commentary that this was the case and I trust that the solo nature was appreciated, but grew through online engagement. I will send you personal assessment on this within two weeks.

So now onward to the group assignment. I am informed that although groups do exist in a couple of the other modules, not everyone is taking this elective and that those groups cannot be simply relied upon. Can I propose the following: over the next week (set Monday 18 November as the deadline) you will be in touch with members that you are already working with and if you are happy to hold those groups and communicate same names and group to me via the forum topic (Group Composition and Topic). Anyone who is left out of this, and doesn’t belong in a group from another module, etc, please be in touch with me by Friday 15 November, but do feel free this week to be in touch with others and join a group. I will take those who feel lonely and slot them as available into other groups when names are submitted on Monday.

I realise that this is somewhat haphazard, but this I think has less bearing on the nature of grouping because this is a largely online assignment.

Once assembled, can I ask then you take a look at the group instructions, choose a topic and indicate that choice in the forum as noted in those instructions.

As with the journal article this will be first come first served. I will accept group topic decisions posted from 12 noon on 18 November Monday.

The deadline for the wiki pages to go cold will be as noted 12:00pm (noon) 19 December 2013.

Please be in touch with any questions after taking a look at the instructions and the short video posted.

I will be posting this weeks articles and video links shortly. I had forgotten last week was reading week so had restrained from assignment last week.

I hope all goes well.