18 April 2016 @ 11:00 – 14:00
Training Auditorium
McClay Library

Relationship-MappingIncreasingly digital scholarship is expanding to look not just at discrete objects but to better understand the relationships between persons, places and things. A popular way of discovering patters and deriving new knowledge about these relationships involved visual appreciation of the relationship between data and objects and ultimately the real world phenomenon that they proxy for or abstractly represent.

In this hands-on workshops we will explore a number of tools, with emphasis on using Gephi to explore relationships and understand the terminology and processes involved in rendering your data to aid analysis and understanding. This workshop assumed no prior experience with relationship mapping or with network visualisation tools. It is intended to provide a soft introduction to graph theory, and network visualisation techniques so that you might discover unique ways that it may aid your scholarship.

Although there is no cost to attend this workshop, spaces are limited so we ask that you register in advance at:Eventbrite.