5 October 2015 @ 11:00 – 13:00
Graduate School TR6 (GRS/01/009)
Queen's University Belfast
University Road, Belfast, Belfast BT7 1NN

Curious? Critical? Concerned? or just Perplexed about what Digital Humanities is and what it means for you?
This is the seminar you want to be at. 

This interactive seminar will explore trends and initiatives in the digital community of practice in the humanities and the social sciences. Participants will come away with a appreciation of from where the field has emerged and how it interacts with traditional disciplines. This seminar will be of interest to those in traditional disciplines as well as the wider academy as digital humanities is both collaborative and multidisciplinary in practise. It is intended to form a broad and easy introduction to the practise of digital humanities and will appeal especially to new scholar who is open to the potential to combine their traditional scholarship with digital tools and methodologies. It is *introductory* in nature.

Participants will gain greater understanding emerging opportunities in the digital humanities discipline as well as appreciation for DH in Ireland and the UK today. We will explore a variety of notable projects from the past, specifically examine some Irish initiatives and hopefully inspire those attending to continue their investigation further into how they may wish to apply digital practise to their own research agenda.
There are no prerequisites for this seminar – save a desire to know more about how scholars are using digital tools and how this is changing the way in which the humanities works with new forms of data and new ways of interacting and sharing research outcomes.

Although this is a free seminar spaces are limited so please register at: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/digital-tools-trends-and-methodologies-for-the-social-sciences-and-humanities-tickets-18491625951

You will find a wealth of useful information on the DH@TheLibrary Page: Digital Tools in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences